Product features

Scientific management

Identity management

You are a enterpriseITOrganization administrator or business director?We provide you with perfect and easy to use of natural person identity management,RefinementITResource access control and authorization,In the canITPersonnel structure、Permissions、The management of departments and employees account for work。

Improve efficiency

The efficiency of management

You are a enterpriseITThe operation of the asset maintenance personnel?We provide you with personality、To use、Security professional operations automation integration tool,A variety of integrated one-stop efficient access agreement,Help you easily complete all operations and development work。

Long distance access

You often traveling without remote access inside and outsideITResources?We will provide you with a variety of mobile terminals support scheme,Solve your visit anytime and anywhereITResources,One-stop service or remote single sign-on (sso),Effective online development、Maintenance、The configuration and office communication needs。

Asset accounts

More and moreITThe number of assets,Corresponds to a multiple level of asset accounts,Don't need to be equipped with professional account administrator,We provide you with the whole life cycle of assets account solution!

The safety management

You are a enterpriseITThe safety supervisor or head of the internal risk control?We provide you with prior specification、Things to monitor、The diversification of after the event tracking solution,Solution to youITImportant information assets compliance requirements,Greatly reducedITThe security level of asset risk。

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Customer service
Customer service
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