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Rootstocks High10-----80CM

Transplanting High100--240CM

Young trees Diameter2-----8CM

The tree Diameter10--70CM


Rootstocks High10-----80CM

Transplanting High100--240CM

Young trees Diameter2-----8CM

The tree Diameter10--30CM

Golden laurel

Miao High50------100CM

Transplanting High100--240CM

The tree Diameter4-------8CM

Days leaves

Miao High30-------70CM

Transplanting High180--240CM

The tree Diameter4-------8CM

Other osmanthus

Cinnamon saplings2---3Centimeters

Osmanthus flower pot

Gold   Laurel       Dan   Laurel

Silver   Laurel       Four seasons of guangxi

Golden laurel       Buddha DingZhu

Guangxi, Kowloon       Choi Ye Gui

Cinnamon       Days leaves

Osmanthus is recommended
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GivenOsmanthusGolden laurelDays leavesOther osmanthusOsmanthus flower pot

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Company profile
Guilin wan letter landscaping co., LTD,Guangxi is located in the ancient-Guangxi.Guilin,Is engaged in the sweet osmanthus cultivation、Transplantation、The lease、Sales、The landscape design、Landscaping, etc. As one company。Million letter garden has its own nursery area reaches323m,With cooperation of osmanthus fragrans seedlings over resources1000Mu,Is the larger domestic osmanthus flowers nursery stock company。

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Brand story

8Over the years,We only do one thing,That is the deepening of osmanthus related industries,Because all know that letter,The first big region is located in the Chinese osmanthus,We have incomparable advantages in osmanthus。

The company specializes in osmanthus,Including the osmanthus trees、Greening、Osmanthus flower pot、Sweet osmanthus bonsai, etc,Now through the Internet and traditional channel pattern,Have osmanthus flowers nursery stock sold throughout the country。

We continue to receive everything honestly,Xinli all the management idea,Warmly welcome the general new old customers,To come to inquire、The visit、Guidance、Cooperation。

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