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     Company production union team won“Yiyang city model worker family”Rong..
    In recent days,Company production union team won“Yiyang city model worker family”The title of honor [For details]
     Comrade Guo Zhiguang won“Yiyang city May 1 labor medal”
    To honor to contribute actively to promote steady and rapid economic development in advanced individual,Yiyang city federation of trade unions were awarded throughout the city23A comrade2 [For details]
     The company passed the ministry of railwaysCRCCProduct certification
    2013Years1Month24Day,The company“The locomotive traction gear”Products through railway [For details]
     Companies learn propaganda to carry out the party's eighteen big spirit
    The party's eighteen big victory after closing,Company general manager to study and implement the party's 18 attaches great importance to the great spirit,To study and implement the party's eighteen big spirit [For details]
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  Welcome city technology bureau of the party group members、I male Chen He qing, deputy director of such a behavior.. [2017-3-1]
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